25,000 Miles to Glory (8/22)

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25,000 Miles to Glory Trailer

A sports wanderlust to visit every NFL stadium in the iconic vehicle that has inspired countless road trips and captivated the world, a split window VW Bus named Hail Mary. A 1967 VW Bus and 25,000 miles of American roadways. It's about people, the community of football fans and VW enthusiasts alike.

25,000 Miles to Glory is without a doubt an independent film most everyone should watch. It’s about two guys who decide to travel the country to see every NFL stadium in a ’67 VW Bus. The football fans they meet and air-cooled Volkswagen people are great.

The trouble they have with a 50yearold vehicle provides an element of danger and drama. It also calls into question their sanity after having the brakes go out three times and sleeping the VW Bus on the side of the road numerous times. In the end, the film is about the human spirit, to persevere and live a dream and the great things that happen outside our comfort zone. It’s about Football, Freedom, Friendship, and America.

Contributor: Rhett Grametbauer from Play Catch Foundation

Written by Edvinas

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