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11 Indie Films That More People Should Watch

So you’re looking for an underappreciate indie film to watch. Here are 11 indie films you should watch.

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#1 Ink

A mastery of atmosphere makes Ink really stand out to me. Although the character development and storytelling stand on its own, the atmosphere of each scene transitions us to new themes flawlessly. It has incredible imagery, a devastating twist, and a thoughtful, original story.

Contributor: Kino Alyse from Kino Alyse

#2 The Fall

Zero special effects were used in this film, and knowing that makes the stunts and makeup even more incredible. It's a fantasy tale with wonderful turns around every corner, gorgeous character development and a gutwrenching B-story.

Contributor: Kino Alyse from Kino Alyse


This little gem is a POV film in the same vein as Paranormal Activity and Blaring Witch, but shot on the amazing backdrop that is the harsh Australian Outback. It’s classed as a creature feature that is about 2 guys that meet a couple girls at the local pub on New Year’s Eve, before taking a trip into the middle of the bush only to be hunted by the infamous Bigfoot. (The film is titled Half/Human in the US, and Prying Eyes In The UK).

Contributor: Brendan Byrne from Shadow Wolves Productions

#4 Wyrmwood

Wyrmwood - An apocalyptic zombie film set in the rural town of Bulla Bulla in NSW Australia. From the very get-go, this is a high octane thrill ride, with guns, kills, blood, and well, zombies. But this ain’t no walking dead, these zombies are quick, silent and will tear you apart in seconds.

Contributor: Brendan Byrne from Shadow Wolves Productions


Boar - Another little Aussie Gem, filled with known Actors from Australia and International films. One of the most terrifying creature feature films ever released and has just been released and already ranking in the top 10 best sellers of 2018.

Contributor: Brendan Byrne from Shadow Wolves Productions

#6 La Sapienza

Eugéne Green's “The Sapience” (“La Sapienza”) is a crafted work that combines storytelling with complex literary themes all in a film about Alexandre's travels through Italy planned to be with his wife, Alienor, in the hopes of finishing a book on Borromini. But when they meet two teen siblings, Goffredo and Lavinia, their plans change.

Contributor: Katie McDaniel from TV5MONDE

#7 Something in the Air (Après mai)

One of the many wonderful indie French films is Olivier Assayas’ Something in the Air, which follows a group of young Europeans in the months after May '68 who are searching for a way to continue the revolution. But this film is not just that; it's somewhat of a memoir of Assayas filled with wit and sincerity that's incredibly entertaining as well as beautiful.

Contributor: Katie McDaniel from TV5MONDE

#8 25,000 Miles to Glory

25,000 Miles to Glory is without a doubt an independent film most everyone should watch. It's about two guys who decide to travel the country to see every NFL stadium in a '67 VW Bus. The football fans they meet and air-cooled Volkswagen people are great.

The trouble they have with a 50yearold vehicle provides an element of danger and drama. It also calls into question their sanity after having the brakes go out three times and sleeping the VW Bus on the side of the road numerous times. In the end, the film is about the human spirit, to persevere and live a dream and the great things that happen outside our comfort zone. It's about Football, Freedom, Friendship, and America.

Contributor: Rhett Grametbauer from Play Catch Foundation

#9 Whiplash

If you aren’t chilled by the phrase “not quite my tempo”, then you owe it to yourself to see Whiplash. This story of an ambitious jazz drummer played by Miles Teller and his relentless mentor played by J.K. Simmons. The story is about the struggle, and suffering that greatness requires and the morality therein.

This intense take on the suffering artist is a movie every person should see at least once and every creative type should see at least once a year.

Contributor: Caleb Ellis from Maple Holistics

#10 The Witch

This horror movie has exactly zero jump scares and will chill you to the bone. The story follows a family in New England in the 1630’s that lives in the wilderness where they are tormented by something. The story evolves naturally to terrify both the family and their helpless observers.

Contributor: Caleb Ellis from Maple Holistics

#11 Reservoir Dogs

Many argue that Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino’s first film, is his best film. It’s definitely an instant classic. The shell shocking second scene of the movie grabs you by the throat, while the first scene and title sequence, gives you the classic Tarantino dialogue and his signature affinity for popular culture. Although the film largely takes place in one room what happens in the confines of that room are riveting.

Contributor: Caleb Ellis from Maple Holistics

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