Measure What Matters by John Doerr (30/32)

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This book outlines a clear and achievable system for companies to set and accomplish goals. Doerr presents a collaborative goal-setting protocol in which companies identify and measure Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).. His system encourages teams to focus on three objectives that are each tied to 3-4 succinct, specific and measurable results; this allows team members to work towards common goals, measure progress, create accountability – and ultimately turn ambitious ideas into effective execution. As the leader of a high-growth company in a dynamic industry, effectively managing change and growth is critical to my company’s success. At Brilliant Earth, we have a very data-driven culture and utilize goals and metrics to measure progress on a wide range of areas across the organization, from website design to products to people. We recently implemented an online tool to align around, communicate and monitor our company and department goals, so this was a very timely and relevant topic given this company initiative. The book provided additional thought-provoking insights and tangible action items to improve our success measurement processes.

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Contributor: Beth Gerstein from Brilliant Earth

Written by Taegan Lion

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