50 After 50 by Maria Leonard Olsen (5/21)

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My latest book makes a wonderful gift for moms, especially those nearing or more than 50 years old. When lawyer/journalist Olsen reached age 50, she decided to try 50 new things that were significant to her. As a woman in recovery, the author values the time she has left, and through her own story, urges readers to do the same via activities such as singing like no one’s listening, riding a horse, and performing random acts of kindness. She enumerates many more exercises under the headings of spiritual endeavors, thrill seeking ventures, lifestyle changes, and so forth, but the message is that we should value and embrace life to the fullest. An inspiring read for those who are in or have passed through middle age.

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Contributor: Maria Leonard Olsen

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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