Run a Google Adwords campaign (5/16)

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You need to first find out your target keywords that are related to your product/service. Use Google’s Keyword Planner tool or other third-party tools to assist you with this, and then you can launch a text ad campaign targeting that keyword. Google Adwords text campaign will virtually guarantee an instant flow of traffic, and at its worst, will only take a few weeks tops before you see significant results.

However, it can be costly, and so you will need to optimize for cost efficiency. Validate the message, validate the landing page, see what people like and dislike, and see whether they are converting or not. The average cost per click is $5 and the conversion rate is 2% which means you will only need $250 to generate a lead which is a relatively low cost comparing to the other marketing channels and you can see results almost instantly.

Contributors: Mike Khorev from Nine Peaks Media

Written by Zak Parker

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