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Being an active listener means not only do you hear the words the speaker is saying, but you also try to understand the complete message the speaker is attempting to convey. Active listening will convey the message that you genuinely care about what the other person is saying. Active listening involves five steps.

First, pay attention to what the speaker is saying. For example, smile if they say something humorous or nod to show you are in agreement with them.

Second, show the speaker that they have your attention. For instance, lean in and make direct eye contact.

Third, provide the speaker with feedback. For example, say things like “I see. Sure. I can understand that.”

Next, don’t judge the speaker… Rather, show that you relate to them. For instance, you can share a similar experience with them to the one they are sharing.

Finally, respond appropriately to what the speaker is saying. For example, respond to feelings rather than focusing on content. “You are exhausted because of all the over-time you’ve worked this week.”

Contributors: Justin Lavelle from BeenVerified

Written by Ben Skute

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