Adapting To The Times (3/16)

Like any art form horror has grown and changed significantly as it has been expressed by different filmmakers over the past several decades. In many ways, horror can be seen as a reflection of society. For example, in the 50’s horror films were about giant cheesy monsters attacking the American family which is a reflection of the very real threat of nuclear war. Then later growing into the slashers of the late 70’s and 80’s it shifted into a singular personification of evil lurking behind every corner which reflected how violence in the streets had become more publicized at the time.

I also believe the recent prevalence of the “torture” subgenre can also be seen as a reaction to the lack of empathy in society as a result of a dependence to online social networking as well. In this genre, torture is carried out by strangers who are obsessed with the act itself and cannot connect or sympathize with their victims. Their victims are no longer human. They are just “things”.

Contributor: Ryan LaPlante from

Written by James Metcalfe

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