Reflections (2/16)

Horror films also have a strong appeal internationally, which drives producer and studio interest. Comedic styles and cultural values shift drastically from country to country, but the visceral reaction to being chased by a killer with a knife is universal. It’s immediately relatable, and it taps into the core of our animal selves.I also think horror, much like comedy, is a genre where you can explore social and societal issues without becoming propaganda.

The best horror lives within deep-seated and hard to discuss problems. Get Out is about race relations in America. Hereditary is about the pervasive nature of mental illness and how deeply it can root itself in families. The entire Saw franchise is about how people no longer appreciate their lives. Horror is a safe space to tackle things that scare us because we get to face them and win or lose we get to fight them.

Contributor: Ryan LaPlante from

Written by James Metcalfe

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