Apply The Material (22/24)

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Probably the most profound tip I’ve found useful in my studies is to apply the material you’re trying to learn to your everyday life. For example, if I’m learning about the difference between stress and anxiety, subjects that are often intertwined, I would then remember two separate stories that would define each subject. I was excessively stressed as I was taking a test and I could tell because my sweat glands were going crazy (e.g., body reaction). Then, I remember a time when I had so much anxiety before walking into a job interview that my heart was palpitating out of my chest and I kept telling myself, You aren’t fit for this job (e.g., worry about trying something new). These subjects are a little easier to define as one deals with the body and the other with the mind more.

Contributors: Jacob Kountz from Kern Wellness Counseling

Written by Ben Skute

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