Build a Community (8/9)

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Content marketing is a powerful marketing approach because it cultivates a community around your brand. When you educate your audience about not only your product or service but the niche you’re in and provide valuable and educational resources, they’ll view your brand as a leader in your industry. To promote your app, the number one thing you want to start with is a blog.

Your blog doesn’t have to be related to your app, but provide information about your niche. Your audience will be more likely to follow your social channels and sign up for your email subscription as well. This is powerful because you’re not just pushing people to download your app, you’re building a community in which your audience will want to download your app as an extension of your brand. Your sign-ups or downloads you get from the users that follow your blog and social accounts are often a lot more valuable and have a higher lifetime value (LTV). They’re more invested in your brand, making them loyal brand advocates.

Contributors: Britt Armour from Kibii

Written by Ben Skute

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