Bumble (2/14)

Bumble is an app founded on the premise of giving women a space to claim, with feminism as one of the organization’s backbone beliefs. Their Instagram spreads positive messages with this belief at their core, like, “One women’s reality should not be used to erase another’s. – Blair Imani, Activist, Author,” and puts them next to clever graphics and images you would see going viral on Twitter, such as, “I panic at a lot of places besides the disco” – all within a consistent color scheme and aesthetic. 

Bumble knows that its largest (and Instagram’s largest) audience is young adult women, and it merges the values that are important to those consumers and to the foundation of Bumble with the type of content social media users are interested in. 

Bumble also shines in Instagram Stories. In its stories, Bumble has a different strategy: it is here that the platform gives tips, tricks, and insights into using the app. Stories include themes such as dating success stories, ways to start conversations, and statistics about Bumble users. 

Bumble’s highlighted stories show off the company, the culture, and the same female-forward values that the feed itself reflects. 

Bumble is using its Instagram account to ensure users that they are patronizing a business that has the same wants and needs as they do. Showing off and building a following for an app on social media isn’t as straightforward as it would be for a restaurant or a hair salon, but Bumble manages to do it not only well, but even better than most. 

Bumble: Instagram Account

Contributor: Meara McNitt | Social Media Strategist

Company: onlineoptimism.com | Twitter

Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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