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Foam never felt so good. ☁️⠀ Introducing the soft and springy, light and long-lasting Nike Epic React. Coming Feb. 22. #nikereact

47.3k Likes, 354 Comments - NikeWomen (@nikewomen) on Instagram: "Foam never felt so good. ☁️⠀ Introducing the soft and springy, light and long-lasting Nike Epic..."

For decades, Nike has excelled in its storytelling — showing engaging tales of people overcoming physical obstacles to achieve greatness. Recently, the brand has adopted a minimalist and straightforward aesthetic and leveraged more poignant storytellers rather than lean on celebrity athletes. This has worked exceptionally well for the company’s Nike Women account. Nike Women shows each product in use and the product’s intended user rather than hiding behind slender, nearly-identical models. Even the company’s video storytelling elements are edited in a way to tell the comprehensive story within the Instagram video specs. 

Nike Women doesn’t try to flash a new product in its Instagram posts. It doesn’t have one of those sly visual tricks or unified aesthetics or color theme, but it doesn’t need to. It sells a mood. It sells a motivation. And each of those moods/motivations points back toward the underlying mission of the Nike Women’s brand: empowering women to conquer their fitness goals and achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

Everything is cohesive, intentional, and visually appealing. And it’s incredibly inspiring, enough to appeal to those beyond its target audience. 

Nike Women: Instagram Account

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