Casual Panache 1571F Beer Caramelizer (25/31)

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1571°F Beer Caramelizer is THE gift for guys this year! Because it just launched this summer, you know they definitely won’t already have it. This is the perfect gift for guys that: 

  • enjoy campfires and socializing with friends 
  • are craft beer enthusiast 
  • are interested in brewing beer 
  • like to experiment with cocktails and mixology 
  • like to be the first in their social group to have hot trending items 

The Beer Caramelizer is the alcohol version of roasting marshmallows. Think about it, marshmallows taste one way out of the bag and completely different once roasted – both yummy but different. Once the stainless steel, gum-drop shaped rod tip is glowing red, plunge it into your beer for about 3 seconds (no it doesn’t make the beer warm – no one would want that). The flash of heat interacts with the sugars in the alcohol and creates a new smoother flavor. 

Contributor: Madison Buechner from Casual Panache Inc

Written by Ben Skute

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