Deep Work by Cal Newport (20/42)

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I can’t stress this enough. In a world of superficialness, depth has become a rarity. Where so many are concerned with social media, email, phones, streaming services, and more, all day long, they are not able to work in-depth on anything. Whether it be solving a problem, developing a skill, learning something new, or overcoming a challenging obstacle.

Depth is scary. Being able to learn the value of deep work, how to utilize it, and make it work for you, was game-changing. This book alone is enough to take you from just another person in the career of your choice to someone who is an expert that people look to for help and guidance. Standing out in the sea of mediocrity is the number one way to have a flourishing career and get ahead.

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Contributor: Nicholas Rizzo from RunRepeat

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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