Atomic Habits by James Clear (21/42)

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Do you want to get ahead? You need to get better. Getting better is a vague term or objective to throw around yet, it is the underlying basis of most advice thrown around. Doctor’s telling patients to exercise more and improve their diet, marketing gurus telling people to build engagement on social media, or teachers telling students to apply themselves – Useless

How does one get better then? By understanding the basis of what drives habits you are literally hacking into the circuitry of your brain and the systemizing of how it all works. No one does a better job of pulling back the curtains on this topic chalk full of complexities than James Clear. Not only that, everything he preaches is backed by science, extraordinary examples, and simple ways to make it all actionable.

Using this book, you can begin making small improvements. Imagine if you were able to make small incremental improvements every day/week. Where would you be in a year? 3 years? 5 years? Yeah. Small, constant improvements through hacking your habits is the key to getting ahead and no one does it better than James Clear.

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Contributor: Nicholas Rizzo from RunRepeat

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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