Desolate Heights: Reclaiming Life from Addiction (6/24)

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It’s ironic that in some cases you can reach your lowest low from the highest place around. On the outside, Heath Shackleford appeared to have his life in order. On the inside, he was lost in absolute pain and chaos. Heath numbed this pain for a long time. He hid behind masks. 

He suffered in silence. And he ascended to a desolate height that took nearly everything from him. Luckily, his story didn’t end there. Neither will yours. When you’ve reached your desolate height when you’ve given in to the burden of unmet needs, unresolved trauma, and untapped emotions, when you’ve isolated yourself from the world around you and seemingly gone too far to turn back, you have a choice to make. 

You can reclaim your life, or you can die without knowing what it felt like to really be alive. It’s time to engage with your story. It’s time to let truth quiet the lies inside you. It’s time to free yourself from the chains of addictions and idols and to replace fear with faith. 

It’s time to rid your soul of the shame that has shadowed you. It’s time to use even your worst experiences for good and to navigate toward the version of yourself God intended all along. The first step is literally in your hands. 

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Contributor: Megan Poling from Lucid Books

Written by Taegan Lion

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