Don't Make Me Think (19/27)

This book isn’t strictly about marketing, but I think it’s an important one for digital marketers. 

As marketers, it’s easy to get caught up in metrics, pricing, campaigns, and more…and forget that our goal is to make our audience’s lives better. For anybody involved in digital marketing, Don’t Make Me Think will give you principles you can use to make all of your websites, ads, content, emails, and more super easy and intuitive for your audience to use. If a reader has to stop and think how to use my website or get what they want, I’ve lost half the battle already. I want users focused on my offer, not on trying to figure out how to use my website. This book is a great, fun read for any marketer that wants to make their website a joy to interact with. 

Contributor: Adam Thompson | Twitter 


Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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