Eric Cantona vs Sunderland (1996) (12/12)

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Best Eric Cantona Goal, The Chip for Manchester United vs Sunderland 1996

Is this Chip The Greatest Eric Cantona Goal Scored for Manchester United ? Many think this Lob Over the Sunderland Goalkeeper in 1996 Is. Check out the GardenGoals channel for more great goals from the likes of George Best, Maradona, Archie Gemmill, Ricky Villa and More!

Very few players brought as much charm and character to a team as Eric Cantona did to Manchester United in the 1990s. One of the most infamous and controversial players in history, no one could ever question the raw ability he brought to the pitch. No better was this displayed than with his sublime chip against Sunderland in 1996. 

Making an already impressive mazy run past the Sunderland defence, Cantona played a quick pass with a teammate before lofting the ball over the goalkeeper’s head and watching it effortlessly bounce in under the crossbar. His trademark no-emotion celebration has gone down in Premier League history as being one of the most iconic moments ever. 

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