Finding connection through cuddle therapy (2/28)

Nordic Cuddle - Intro to Cuddle Therapy

Professional Cuddling is growing in popularity across the world. In this introductory video, we show you what's involved in a typical cuddle therapy session with Nordic Cuddle. To view our full range of services, visit Nordic Cuddle has also launched a training programme for people who'd like to become cuddle practitioners.

In 2017, research was published by UCL which showed that affective touch (including hugs), has the ability to mitigate the impacts of loneliness. As a social species, we thrive on connection with others and we need platonic touch in our lives, which is crucial for our wellbeing. However, when we’re lonely it can be difficult to find the touch we need.

One potential solution is for people to see whether touch-based therapies such as professional cuddling or massage can help. Cuddle therapy enables a person to feel connected, and also delivers a wide-range of scientifically proven benefits such as lowered levels of stress and anxiety. It’s helped people in their late teens, all the way through to senior citizens and provides a sense of renewal and nurturing that many people are missing out on in life.

Contributors: Rebekka Mikkola from Nordic Cuddle

Written by Ben Skute

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