We must acknowledge that these things take time (1/28)

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Everybody gets lonely sometimes and that’s completely normal. One way to combat that is finding people who have the same values and goals you do and working hard on your relationship with them. You may be tempted to swipe left or not want to reconcile after a fight; but working through issues with people who you have a genuine connection with will make your bond stronger.

Millennials grew up in a time where convenience overtook meaning sometimes- where modern advancements such as Netflix, Amazon, and smart phones instantly giving us the world at our fingertips. To combat loneliness, we must also acknowledge that finding these people could take some time. The easiest way to seek them out is to just try and focus on your life goals and go from there. Do you love animals? Why not volunteer at an animal shelter and maybe meet some people who value animals welfare as well. Bowling more your thing? Join a club or a team! Think deep about your core values and the rest will fall naturally into place.

Contributors: Mark Wildes, author of Beyond the Instant

Written by Ben Skute

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