HOTSHOT Canned Coffee (4/12)

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HOTSHOT Canned Coffee is changing the way you get your morning caffeine fix and it would make a great gift for grads…

HOT Canned coffee is not a new concept, in fact, in Japan, it is a $15B industry. HOTShot is redefining grab and go coffee and delivering delicious HOT coffee (in a can) to consumers who don’t want to wait for brewing machines, stand in line or add more K cups to overflowing landfills.

The coffee is heated in a custom designed HOTbox, which keeps the coffee at 140 degrees, specially designed insulated labels act like a beer coozie keeping the can hot and your hand cool. Current flavors are Black Coffee, Hot Chocolate and French Vanilla. Parents can even arrange for a subscription service, so Grads never run low….

Contributors: Laura B Peet from PeetCom Inc.

Written by Ben Skute

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