How We Can Halt The Cipro & Levaquin Catastrophe by Jay S. Cohen M.D. (1/6)

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics are the most widely prescribed antibiotics in the world. They are also in our food supply, as they are given to livestock. They have been recognized by the FDA and Health Canada as causing a slew of terrible adverse reactions. The EU just had a hearing on the dangers of these drugs. The FDA has three black box warnings, the most recent in 2016 recognizing these drugs can cause a constellation of symptoms that are permanently disabling.

The problem is they list the permanent disability problem as rare. It is not rare, but underreported because the adverse reactions usually occur months or even years after taking the drugs! People have not been connecting the dots as to why they have IBS, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, peripheral neuropathy, intense psychiatric problems, etc. When patients connect the dots the doctors tell them it can’t be the antibiotic they were prescribed.

This is a medical nightmare worse than thalidomide! Doctors are completely unaware of the devastation these medications cause. And, when they do prescribe them they are also prescribing other drugs that are contraindicated at the same time! People are dying, or are in such misery they wish they were dead! Also, to counter the undiagnosed effects of Fluoroquinolone Toxicity they give steroid injections for the pain, or prescribe NSAIDS which makes things WORSE.

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  1. With millions of quinolones prescribed every year, this book is a must-read for every M.D. In 2016 the FDA strengthened the warning labels & changed Rx guidelines because of their association w/disabling & potentially permanent, serious side effects.

  2. This book could have saved my life if my doctor read it or even took the concerns I had seriously. I was damaged by this class of antibiotics. Dr. Jay Cohen helped a lot of people over the years with his Fluoroquinolone Toxicity research.

  3. Fluoroquinolone antibiotics ruin lives daily. This book should be mandatory for people in the medical profession to read!

  4. Too many Drs are STILL prescribing these drugs for common infections and the Black box warnings are clear that they are only to be prescribed as a LAST RESORT! The side effects from these are NOT RARE and thousands upon thousands have been damaged!!!

  5. This is a MASSIVE DISASTER but 99.9% of the victims have no idea what happened to them. Most of us are misdiagnosed with fibro, lupus, ALS, Parkinson’s, MS or hundreds of other WRONG conditions, then we’re given more drugs which makes us worse!

  6. Every medical professional across the world needs to have this #1 book, and finally halt the worst medication disaster ever in the history of humanity!

    Thank you
    Teri CiproVictim

  7. The prescribing of fluoroquinolone as a first line of defense has to stop. This book is a must read for every doctor. They might even protect themselves and their families

  8. I wish my former doctor read this before poisoning me with Levaquin. Give years later, I am still suffering.

  9. Every doctor should read this . My son was damaged by Cipro from head to toe and still is. He acts and talks like a different person. It has been almost 2 yrs since his adverse reaction

  10. Awesome book. This is a must read.
    Drs need to know what they are doing to us.
    I had levaquin and it destroyed my life.

  11. Please read this book. I was ruined by Cipro. 21 months later, I have some semblance of my former life, but for some people, it is permanent. Yet, I still have doctors who want to decide for me if that reaction was bad enough to warrant not taking it

  12. Every doctor needs to read this book before prescribing even a single antibiotic. I am fighting for my life everyday due to these drugs. It is only a ‘rare’ reaction when it happens to someone else…

  13. This is the number one book doctors should read. Fluoroquinolones cause damage to the body of every person who takes them — it’s just a matter of how much your body can withstand before toxicity effects shatter it.

  14. Cipro, Avelox and Levaquin are poison! All pharmacists, doctors and medical care professionals should read this book!!

  15. If my surgical gyno had read this book, my life would not have been disabled over night. I would not still be struggling 6 years later. I would not be forced into retirement with an unknown medical future. cipro disabled and kills. Period!!!!!!!

  16. Yes, even after the new warnings, so many are still being injured! Both my doctors were unaware. My parents doctors were unaware! The madness needs to stop! Doctors need to know! Four years of tendon and muscle dysfunction and I’m still not!

  17. This book needs to be required reading for all health professionals who prescribe and for pharmacists. These drugs have altered my life immeasurably. Why? Not only was I not informed, my Dr’s were not either.

  18. Yes, all docs should read this book. These drugs should be reserved for use only when no other option is available. After what 10 Levofloxacin did to me, I’d rather die that ever take another fluoroquinolone.

  19. This book has been around for a while, the awareness needs to be raised so the conservative medical community starts to reflect and finally listen.

  20. This is my choice for #1. Cipro disabled me. I had no idea an antibiotic could have such serious and permanent effects.

  21. Attn All! Thanks for all your comments… Please also note that there is a voting section above at the end of the Synopsis…you need to click on the arrow up, which looks like a chevron and it will highlight … meaning you voted. Thx

  22. Levaquin just about ruined my life. I am 4.5 years out and on my 13th relapse with my damaged ankles and feet. This is continual nightmare of despair, dashed hopes, and so much money spent trying to heal.

  23. This book is a God send to people harmed by fluoroquinolone antibiotics. The medical system has not a clue what to do with the people who get the bullet from these drugs. I hope people read it before they concider this dangerous treatment.

  24. A must read for every medical professional out there. So many lives lost and damaged by Fluoroquinolones; including mine. A Registered Nurse who is too ill to be able to practice a profession I loved. Damn Levaquin

  25. This book is essential for all doctors. Fluoroquinolone antibiotics are widespread and potentially very dangerous. Patients can be permanently damaged.

  26. These should be taken off the market entirely or only used in life or death situations AFTER the patient is informed about the extensive list of debilitating side effects. It only took 1 pill of cipro to poison me.

  27. 21 years of misery! Hugely life affecting in many areas, health ruined to point of disability, and way going I suspect life ending after last hit 2016. Another thalidomide, I suspect worse!

  28. This drug ruined my life, I have just about every symptom on the black box warning. I haven’t been able to work for 19 months, I feel every year I get worse. I pray for help someday because most doctors don’t want to admit these drugs do this damage.

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