Insider Secrets of Public Speaking (1/9)

From the author: My book, ‘Insider Secrets of Public Speaking’ is not like most of the others on the market. Co-written with Nadine Dereza, the authors are professional speakers and speaker coaches (the magazine Square Mile calls me ‘the UK’s most trusted speaker coach’); and the book is aimed at people who are speaking for professional reasons.

With chapters based around specific issues such as PowerPoint, nerves and filler words, the book is a friendly, coaching-led exploration of how the three principles of good communication audience, authenticity and authority apply whether you’re speaking at a wedding, conference or boardroom meeting. Readers are getting the advice that the authors have dispensed to politicians, Olympians, CEOs, and others; practical advice that works in the real world.

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Contributors: Ian Hawkins from MrHawkins

Written by Ben Skute

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