Invest in a Flat Organizational Structure (3/8)

In the traditional office environment there is a clearly defined hierarchy: CEOs and bosses at the top, then managers in the middle and staff at the bottom. Flat structures however get rid of the middle man and puts everyone on an even playing field. Because there are no managers there isn’t the stress of fighting for promotions, feeling belittled by coworkers of higher ranks or a sense that one is at the bottom of the totem pole. By having a flat structure there is direct communication between business owner and employee which not only fosters better relations between the big dogs and staff workers but gives more responsibility and decision making to staff. I love being able to sit with all my employees and have their ideas heard and the absence of managers helps my staff feel more comfortable giving their input. When employees are all treated equally and feel comfortable in the workplace there is little room for jealousy to rear it’s ugly head. 

Contributors: Petr Marek from Invoice Home

Written by Ben Skute

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