Be a Teacher, Not Just a Leader (2/8)

As a business owner don’t be afraid to assign responsibilities to less experienced workers or hire staff with less than ideal resumes. It is important to leave the opportunity for learning open to allow for advancement and also the possibility to form relationships with colleagues that employees may have little contact with. If someone is recognized for an exceptional marketing campaign and a new employee with little marketing experience is jealous of that employee’s recognition I will always go the extra mile to offer that employee an education in marketing and even give them the opportunity to try to develop their own campaign. When you allow someone an education and opportunity they become bright eyed and excited- not green with envy- and will work hard until they receive that same level of recognition. I always try to have employees from specific departments learn skills from other departments to keep this energy alive and to foster better relationships with colleagues across departments. 

Contributors: Petr Marek from Invoice Home

Written by Ben Skute

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