Java and Sumatra (16/20)

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I’ve been through Sumatra and Java and there are so many great things to experience on those two islands, and they show the incredible diversity that Indonesia offers in terms of food, culture and natural environment. Plus there are thousands more worth exploring.

  • Java offers Yogyakarta with the great Prambanan and Borobudur temples nearby, plus it’s a great cultural centre.
  • There’s also Bromo Volcano which is worth a visit.
  • Semarang in Java is worth a look too.
  • Palembang in Sumatra is called ‘Little Bangkok’ and is a great city to try some spicy Sumatran cuisine.
  • In Sumatra, there are remains of the Sriwijaya empire everywhere worth visiting.

I’ve also found Indonesian people very friendly and welcoming and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been stopped in the street because a local wanted to have a photo taken with me! I’ve also been invited to an Indonesian wedding as a guest!

Contributors: Anthony From The Travel Tart

Written by Ben Skute

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