Lack of Energy (5/10)

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Lacking energy can be frustrating for people who are willing to get up and do the work, but simply don’t have the energy to do so. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are lazy. Lost sleep, a poor diet, or insufficient exercise can all contribute to this issue. Procrastination then comes when people believe they will have enough energy to ‘do it tomorrow.’ Developing a healthier lifestyle will help solve this issue. Sponsoring gym memberships for your employees is one way to help them become more productive.

Set Outside Expectations

One of the best ways to combat procrastination is to tell somebody else when you expect to be done with the project. As a manager, help set these deadlines with your reports during weekly check-ins. As an employee trying to move beyond the bad habit of procrastination, create an accountability calendar with a close co-worker. If they suffer from the same issue, holding each other to deadlines can provide mutual motivation. Once you’ve met your deadlines consistently for an agreed upon amount of time, take yourselves out to lunch as a reward.

Contributors: Stuart Ridge from VitaMedica

Written by Ben Skute

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