Lean MRP (23/23)

Lean MRP explains how to implement a Lean Manufacturing pull system on the shop floor using “virtual kanbans” enabled by a stable ERP-generated production schedule. This essentially establishes a traffic control system that will reduce congestion and travel times for materials and products in a factory. This is not the usual “yada-yada”.

The concept of Lean MRP is a novel one, which holds the promise of transformational change particularly in job shop environments. In addition to attaining the on-time performance, inventory, and lead time benefits of a pull system, Lean MRP can also help improve the accuracy of forward-looking schedule projections to support the making of reliable promises to the customer.

This book is for those manufacturing managers who have always strived for a Lean operation but nevertheless feel that a computerized ERP system offers a more practical and scalable solution for managing a large, complex, and/or turbulent shop floor.

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Contributor: David Altemir

Company: altemirconsulting.com/lean-mrp | LinkedIn

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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