Learn To Cook (14/28)

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It’s all about feeling more comfortable in your kitchen. You need to learn to cook the basics, including things you’ll love to eat.

The Chef & The Dish lets you Skype a chef from Italy, Spain, Japan, Turkey, Hungary and more into your kitchen for a private, 1:1 cooking class. Without leaving your kitchen, you’ll have a 2-1/2 experience with a chef, cooking with just you in real-time, giving you tips and tricks on making some of the world’s most iconic dishes from around the world.

They offer tens of classes to choose from, including Turkish Vegan cooking, Jambalaya, Pan Seared Steak and more. Each class teaches fundamentals to give you confidence to cook something delicious without leaving home.

Contributors: Jenn Nicken from The Chef & The Dish

Written by Ben Skute

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