Love Coming Home (13/15)

Love Coming Home: Transform Your Environment, Transform Your Life is a great guide, with practical tips to help agents STAGE properties for sale and rent. In the book, Jennifer combines mindfulness and her interior designer’s toolbox, sharing how to make you feel that where you are living today is truly your heart’s haven with tips on de-cluttering, tidying up, DIY budgeting, creating a vision board and action plan. Plus, she reviews what HOME really is: it should be a place of feeling safe, comfortable and being yourself home is where our best life begins.

By revealing simple steps that break down home projects and decorating ideas into manageable goals, Adams inspires readers to let go of restrictions and take action with confidence.

No matter whether you rent, share, or own, learn how to turn your current dwelling into an environment that supports and inspires your daily life and becomes a true sanctuary.

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Contributors: Tracy G. Minsky from Meryl Moss Media

Written by Ben Skute

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