Men’s Fashion Trends Here To Stay (5/10)

Fashion Expert: Monique Loveless

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These are classic patterns that make bold but settle statements that you can mix and match. Since we see them with a lot of men’s suiting it’s a great way to express a look without having to say anything, which gives these patterns a long term run.

Colors – Dusty Rose, Orange, Camel 

These particular colors are always in but since we saw a lot of monochromatic on the runways this year I believe these colors have marked their stay. I think they are great colors to stand out and mix it up especially beyond the everyday black, blue and grey. It says confident and stylish.

Loose Trousers 

Move over skinny, loose trousers are coming through! Giving men a little more leg room again. Loose trousers come in so many forms and give men the option to stay on trend with multiple looks. Although the skinny has claimed the pant throne for menswear for awhile now there is an option now and having options are closets best friend so loose trousers are in it for the long haul.

Bold Patterns 

We all love a bold pattern but only few can pull it off. We saw them this year on the runway in major ways from pants to suits to shirts. By the way the Robert Cavalli’s are a must have. Anyways, bold patterns voice an opinion as soon as you walk in the door it’s a walking art piece and actually says a lot about the person wearing them.

Vertical Stripes 

Alexander McQueen and Acne Studios are just a few designers that showed off the vertical stripes during Menswear Fashion Week. Men have always had this option in suiting but now it’s not just suiting it’s pretty much in every form of garment and I am a firm believer we’ll continue to see it for awhile due to the fact that it creates body illusions and you can mix up the width. Not to mention it’s a staple and classic that has been a favorite of Coco Chanel’s since the 1920s.

Track Suits 

The track suit is back at it. They have elevated even more from seeing them on last years shows from Gucci, Givenchy and Yeezy. They continue on to slimmer fits and better fabrics. Making them a go to for streetwear and every man needs a little streetwear in their closet. I am definitely here for it. The rules are being broken with the return of track suit so track on.


Men wearing what we’ve seen on the runways for women and vice versa not everyone agrees if they know but done right and boom you have an amazing look. I really think it’s here to stay because no one wants to be put in a box when it comes to expressing themselves. What better way to have a bigger closet by sharing with your significant other.

Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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