Other Cultures Around The World… (8/10)

Fashion Expert: Kenny Flowers

About: Kenny is the founder of a men’s shirt/lifestyle brand called Kenny Flowers. Kenny quit his job in NYC in 2015, moved to Bali, and set out to make unique, high-quality tropical shirts for others to start having a great time in.

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There’s no denying that the short-sleeve button-down “aloha” look and floral prints, in general, are super in right now. While I don’t expect this to go anywhere over the next few years, I do expect this expressive style to expand and explore. It’s just where people are right now – it’s less about what you do at work, and more about what you do and who you are outside of the office.

Like I’ve started to do with Kenny Flowers, I think brands will explore more, focusing on other cultures around the world, where people are traveling or interested, and the outcome will be more unique designs and people wearing clothes that carry stories/meaning. You’ll continue to see the desire for uniqueness – it’s not about having the same mass-produced shirt everyone has.

Also, I can’t help but feel that fall/winter clothes are pretty flat right now and that there is an opportunity to provide great ways to let your personality show during the “colder” months. We’ve started getting into printed long-sleeves and continue to find ways to keep the fiesta going when the weather’s cool.

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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