Paid Company Vacations (3/7)

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In addition to paid vacation time for each individual employee, take a company or department trip once a year to boost coworker relationships. Whether the destination is an hour away or on another continent, be sure that these trips are purely for fun and not for business. 

Encouraging co-workers to get to know each other outside of the office is a great way to build a company where employees care for and rely on each other. Plus, it’s just an incredibly fun perk for everyone involved. If employees perform exceptionally well for the company, they should be rewarded with an experience that motivates them to continue striving for more.

Written by Ryne Higgins

Ryne Higgins is the Senior Manager of E-Commerce at Peacock Alley. For 45 years Peacock Alley has created luxurious bedding and linens that bring both beauty and meaning into the home. All fabrics are sourced from the highest quality mills and then sewn in the Dallas, Texas, workshop by skilled local artisans.

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