Professional Advancement Budget (4/7)

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Allocate a budget for employees to use on tickets to conferences, networking events, certification courses, and any other professional advancement opportunity. Companies that provide this perk signal to employees that they care about the personal growth of each individual they hire. 

Not only is it a great way for employees to feel valued, but it’s also a good investment for the company to have employees who are constantly learning and expanding their skill set. The budget should also take into consideration the cost of travel, food, and hotel stay if the company is serious about giving their employees the best opportunities to develop their professional passions.

Written by Ryne Higgins

Ryne Higgins is the Senior Manager of E-Commerce at Peacock Alley. For 45 years Peacock Alley has created luxurious bedding and linens that bring both beauty and meaning into the home. All fabrics are sourced from the highest quality mills and then sewn in the Dallas, Texas, workshop by skilled local artisans.

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