Perspective (19/19)

I learned that I was focused on my boss’s personality, reputation and style and I had the real problem.What I needed to do was focus on what I could do something about. When I went back to work I was determined to learn more about leadership and do what I could to make things better. I grew more confident and let him know to schedule meetings with me. I decided his style and past were no concern of mine. I learned more about how to be the best at my job and I taught him as well. He started to trust me more and took my advice, allowing me to handle fantastic, highly visible projects of my own design. Within a very short time a new job was created for me and I had my $10,000 raise.

It all worked because I focused on the things I could do something about, and no longer worried about those things beyond my control.

Contributor: Katy Caselli from

Written by James Metcalfe

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