PiTalk – IOT enabled & Modular SmartPhone for Raspberry Pi (5/28)

PiTalk - IOT enabled & Modular SmartPhone for Raspberry Pi

PiTalk is the first ever modular smartphone to be developed on the Raspberry Pi. It is compatible with Rapsberry PI zero , Pi 2 and Pi 3. Powered by python, the Pi Talk comes packed with a 3G module for blazing fast voice and data communication.

With the PiTalk, you can do anything a normal phone can, and much more. With it's hardware designed with compatibility and modularity in mind, the PiTalk can be used with your own hardware or with your own specifications.

Can you make your smartphone's display bigger or smaller without having to buy a bigger or a smaller smartphone? With the PiTalk you can !!! Just plug in a different display and voila !!!

Ever buy a smartphone and feel that it's camera still leaves something to be desired? With the PiTalk you can easily plug-in a better camera WITHOUT having to buy a new shield !!!

Ever felt that the built-in audio of your smartphone is not crisp, or the bass isn't just what it should be? With the PiTalk you can easily plug-in ANY speaker available in the market that suits your needs !!!

Ever felt that the built-in OS of your smartphone is pretty much basic and you want to customize it but the options available aren't good enough? And the process of jailbreaking or 'rooting' is pretty much daunting or lengthy ? Well with our easy to use library in Python you can change pretty much EVERY aspect of the phone with editing just a few lines of code.

And for all the geeks out there, you can develop your OWN APPS. Yes, with the PiTalk, you can insert your own apps developed on Python to better customize your phone or edit the apps already pre-installed in the software to suit your needs.

These are all but a few examples of the things that you can do to make PiTalk truly your own smartphone.

Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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