Sweam – Smart Projector (6/28)

Sweam - Smart Projector

Sweam is a new category of mobile devices. It´s a smart projector with its own Android 7.1.1 operating system, built-in 4G and WiFi. Sweam comes with a touch screen enabling you to download any app of your choice – without the need to connect to any external device. Just like you do with your tablet or smartphone. This makes Sweam a completely independent device.

Sweam will be part of your daily life, from the time you wake up with the alarm going off on your Sweam, watching the morning news at home, doing your kick-ass presentation at work and chilling with your family in the evening, watching a movie. Not to mention that putting the kids to bed has never been easier or more fun! You can sweam on any surface whether it is indoors or outdoors, on walls or ceilings, at work or at at home. The possibilities with Sweam are endless!

All you need to do is download your favourite apps, games or presentations and just share it with whomever you want to.

Written by Gupa

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