Portugal – Lisbon (5/7)

Something of a revitalized country in the past couple of years, Lisbon has found itself becoming an increasingly popular destination for young travelers hoping to see the beauty in the world. Growing on the world stage as one of only two cities in Portugal to be listed as a ‘global city’, Lisbon’s charm arises from its geographical location on the coastline of the country and lying on top of dozens of sharp hills. Blending perfectly between a cultural hub and something for those looking to enjoy the nightlife, few places offer as much as Lisbon. 

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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  1. Lisbon is one of our favourite European cities and without doubt the best part is riding the trams to the different miradouras. get the tram up, the hills are steep and enjoy a stroll back down visiting the many little cafes en route, you get to taste real Lisbon and not just the tourist parts. Great photo

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