Rebel Lifestyle Brands (17/26)

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I created The Rebel Lifestyle Brand in 2015 during my sophomore year of high school at the age of 15. This was at a time when I wanted absolutely nothing to do with school, and absolutely everything to do with entrepreneurship. I can positively say that nothing has changed.

This brand not only reflects who I am as a person but also a niche of consumers that require a sleek and different take on life. We aim to make our customers ‘fashionably defiant’ through subtle yet eye-catching products.

We have three categories of brands that we offer on our site:

Organics: Our organics section provides products that are for general body care, such as full body lotions to facial lotions/cleansers.

Apparel: Our apparel section has products ranging from graphic T’s, sleek everyday jackets and fashionable coats.

Accessories: This section has a multitude of products such as watches, bracelets and phone cases, all of which are subtle and sleek which represent our brand.

My partners and I believe that there is a Rebel in everyone, and every now and then it is good to express your differentiator through the small products that voice your inner Rebel.


Instagram: @rebellifestylebrands

Twiter: @rebellifebrands

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