Shed Defender – Dog Onesie/Grooming (13/30)

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The Shed Defender is a versatile dog onesie that contains pet hair and dander, can reduce anxiety and replace the medical cone for dogs with skin conditions, hotspots, surgical sites and more. 

  • For the Hostess with the Mostess: Keep your couch hair-free during your next holiday soiree with the Shed Defender. Your guests can enjoy the couch and avoid walking away with dog hair all over their party outfit. 
  • For Holiday Travel: The Shed Defender will keep your car clean during family holiday road trips so you don’t arrive at your destination covered in dog hair. 
  • For Walks in the Snow: The Shed Defender will keep your pups fur dry and clean during those winter walks in the snow! 
  • For Family Stays: With the Shed Defender on, you can bring your dog to family and friends’ houses without being embarrassed about leaving dog hair everywhere. Or if you have a family member that’s allergic, the Shed Defender keeps allergens and dander to a minimum! 

Contributor: Casey Walters from Shed Defender

Written by Ben Skute

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