Shift the Narrative by Russell Redenbaugh (8/22)

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From the Contributor: I’m suggesting this memoir specifically for young people because Russell was 16 years old when he almost lost his life and did lose his eyesight and most of his fingers, in a rocketry explosion in his backyard. As he says in his book, the state of the world in 1962 told him he was out of the game [of life] because of his disabilities. 

But Russell said differently, and vowed to live in the sighted world, doing things sighted people do. He went on to do exactly that, graduating from an Ivy League school, becoming a successful businessman, serving on the U.S. Civil Rights Commission under 3 U.S. Presidents, and most remarkably, becoming a 3 time gold medal world jiu-jitsu champion against younger sighted opponents. 

His biography is a must read for ALL young people to show them, no matter what cards you’re dealt in life, YOU have the power to shift your life narrative! 

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Contributor: Christine Whitmarsh from The Ink Agency

Written by Taegan Lion

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