Sky’s Amazing Dream by Mark Stevens (9/18)

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Those of us who are blessed to have dogs in our lives, are fascinated by their child-like ways. How they greet the day with boundless optimism and romp through the seasons with endless joy and generosity. I’ve always watched this with glee. But then I started to think, What does Sky (my golden retriever) think about when he’s sleeping? I knew it had to be an amazing fantasy. So in a way, I channeled Sky and wrote a book that takes us all – moms, dads and kids – into the magical world of an amazing dog’s dreams. It is among other things, a sweet and timeless read as a parent puts their beautiful child to bed each night. Most of all, they fall asleep reading about the power of kindness.

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Contributors: Carol Bloom Stevens from Carol Bloom Stevens

Written by Taegan Lion

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