Spitzkoppe, Namibia (1/8)

Africa has its fair share of romantic locations, but slightly more off the radar yet still as alluring as the Masai Mara, is Spitzkoppe, its spectacular granite peaks rising out of the Namib desert, the highest outcrop standing at about 700 metres.

While the Namibian landmark is a firm fixture on the overland circuit, you won’t have an issue finding a crowd-free zone – so steal yourselves away and enjoy the feeling of being the only two dots on the horizon. The dramatic sunsets at this geological Namibian treasure are rivalled only by the stargazing opportunities and once you’ve bedded down amongst its gigantic rock boulders you’ll be treated to a celestial vista that is completely untainted by any light pollution.

Contributor: Sabine Behrmann from Acacia Africa

Written by James Metcalfe

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