Stop Anxiety from Stopping You by Helen Odessky (2/26)

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Our pace of life has increased exponentially in the last few decades. When signs of anxiety and panic appear, they ravage our lives, our dreams and our spirit. But it is now possible to stop anxiety from stopping us in our tracks. In Stop Anxiety from Stopping You, Dr. Helen Odessky helps us understand the process of anxiety–and how to arm ourselves with strategies that work. 

Dr. Odessky draws on her fifteen years of clinical experience to guide us through the process of not only learning how to overcome anxiety, but also how to enrich our lives. This book will show you how to stop anxiety and how to stop panic attacks in an easy-to-implement six-step framework. You will learn about the signs of anxiety and how to overcome them, methods to stopping panic attacks, and ways to treat anxiety. 

Dr. Odessky’s compelling and optimistic guide will help you move from a position of difficulty to one of hope. 

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Contributor: Brenda Knight from Mango Media

Written by Taegan Lion

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