Take The Time (3/18)

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We were in a small diner on Veteran’s Day and there was a gentleman there that obviously patronized that restaurant frequently; all of the employees knew him. We paid for his lunch and spoke to him as we were leaving.  The tear in his eye said it all. That was a small gesture on our part, but the message it spoke to him was huge.

On another occasion, we noticed an older gentleman dining alone.  He looked sad.  You never know what one is going through, he may have recently lost his wife and felt alone or he could have just gotten a bad health report.  When his server told him that his meal had been paid for, he looked around with a tear in his eye to see who it may have been.

Paying for someone’s meal anonymously is small, but to the recipient, it is huge, it makes them feel wanted and that someone cares.

Contributor: Cyndi McConnell from trulovebakes.com

Written by James Metcalfe

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