Team Player (1/8)

Jealousy in the workplace is a real nightmare. It happens to the best of us, whether you’re a manager, peer, or in another department.  While I’ve found myself jealous of coworkers in the past, especially when they receive a promotion or bonus I felt I was more worthy of, I remind myself that we’re a team. When you’re in athletics or on an academic team, it’s easier to get excited about a teammate doing well. When they do well, you all do well, or even win in some cases. The workplace is no different, for the most part.  The next time you find yourself feeling jealous of a coworker, just remember that when one of you does well, the entire company benefits, and as a result, you do too. Even if it’s not as nice as getting that shiny promotion.

Contributors: John Shieldsmith from The Thrifty Dad

Written by Ben Skute

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