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To show your appreciation for someone, firstly, I believe you need to pay attention to what they like and what brings them joy. Women love it when you do something that’s extremely difficult to do when you’re a man and that is to just listen. If you know from your conversations together that she loves a certain type of chocolate, a flower, fruit, or something like a massage, then getting her one of these specific things is how you show her you appreciate what she does for you. It also means that you were listening to her. The more detailed your token of appreciation, the better.

If she likes getting a massage, is it a deep tissue massage she desires? Or does she prefer a relaxing spa type massage? What’s her favorite flower? It doesn’t have to be her birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day or any other special date. Actually, it’s better if it isn’t a special day. Picking any day randomly means you’re doing it because you want to and not because you’re obliged to. It shows her you’re constantly thinking of her and not just on a public holiday or celebration.

Money should never be a problem either. You could show a woman how much youappreciate her simply by just taking her hand and dancing with her in an aisle of a supermarket. I know, I’ve done it.

Contributors: Jim Dailakis from ComedianJim

Written by Ben Skute

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