Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferriss (17/42)

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By interviewing thought leaders across a wide range of industries and fields, Tim Ferriss has put together a collection of habits, routines, and mindsets that contribute to top performance and success. The book is a collection of interviews, not a collection of specific tools. Within each interview, you feel like you get to eavesdrop on private conversations you would otherwise never hear. These leaders let you inside their thought process so that you can learn what they look at, pay attention to, and cobble together in order to get the results they want. There are hundreds of tactics and recommendations that a reader can choose from based on what appeals to them. Tim Ferris even instructs the reader to use the book more like an encyclopedia than an instruction manual.

I am also incredibly impressed that Mr. Ferriss includes a very detailed description of his battle with mental illness and tools he has used and continues to use to maintain his mental and physical health. When talking about top performers, society as a whole tends to gloss over the price many pay in exchange for their status, success, and results. Including mental illness in this kind of book is so important in spreading awareness in general, but especially among people who are overachievers and may think that anxiety, depression, and needing professional help are all signs of weakness. It’s probably one of the most candid discussions of anxiety, depression, and suicide I have ever read by a person in the business world.

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Contributor: Ronit Levy from Bucks County Anxiety Center

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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