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I’d recommend UrHip for business travelers because it provides rooms that are, on average, 3 times the size of standard hotel rooms. The rooms are fully furnished so you can eat-in and have the foods you prefer, do laundry, have space to set up a remote office, and more. They come with parking included and most have access to a great fitness club nearby.

Finally, all the apartments are close to just about everywhere: Center City, Rittenhouse, Love Park, and more. You can add-on services like grocery delivery, driving services, and more to make your stay more convenient. When you’re traveling for business and away from home and family, it’s nice to have a place that’s comfortable and can serve as a home base. That’s what UrHip provides.

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Contributors: Steve Patterson, from UrHip (UrHomeInPhilly)

Written by Ben Skute

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