VinniBag Inflatable Travel Bag (21/66)

Vinnibag ® is a versatile travel accessory that suspends items in a liquid-tight air cushion. Whether you’re a frequent flyer, foodie, collector or extreme sports enthusiast, VinniBag is a great travel companion for anything that can break or leak in a suitcase, backpack, boat or car trunk.

From wine, olive oil, and gourmet treats to perfume, medications, camera lenses and collectibles, contents are isolated, immobilized and cushioned by the air chambers, and sealed with a specially designed closure. Also great for cell phone and keys while boating or at the beach (it floats!) and wet swimsuits or soiled items.

The air chambers conform to the contents – even multiple small items, which are suspended independently without touching – and the inflation can be varied from none at all to full protection. It only takes a minute to inflate and seal VinniBag.  Toss it into a suitcase and you’re ready to go. (VinniBag doubles as a great headrest, lumbar support, and bath pillow too!) Engineered to withstand significant fluctuations in altitude and temperature, VinniBags meet or exceed all TSA & airline regulations.

Contributor: Heather Mack from Ellessco LLC

Written by Ben Skute

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